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Toggi Clothing at Sheepgate Tack & Togs

Toggi Clothing - The Toggi Rising Stars Team was selected at the beginning of the year as names to look out for in the future. Amongst the Toggi clad eventers are Kitty Boggis and Cressida Clague Reading (team silver medallists in the Young Riders European championships in Austria) and Oliver Townend, Neil Spratt, Julie Tew, Piggy French and Scotland's Alec Lochore. All have been proving their worth and really entered the limelight on the eventing circuit.

Here are just some of the Toggi Clothing items available..

Image Item Sheepgate Price
(ASHTONICE) Toggi Ashton Gilet in Ice £34.95
(ASTON ROSE) Toggi Ashton Gilet in Rosebud £34.95
(BALI JADE) Toggi Bali Sweatshirt in Jade £39.95
(BALI NY) Toggi Bali Sweatshirt in Navy £39.95
(BERMUDA BL) Toggi Bermuda Deck Shoe in Soft Blue £46.95
(BERMUDA PO) Toggi Bermuda Deck Shoe in Poppy £46.95
(CANCUN ICE) Toggi Cancun Polo Shirt in Ice £24.95
(CANCUN ROSE) Toggi Cancun Polo Shirt in Rosebud £24.95
(CANCUN WH) Toggi Cancun Polo Shirt in White £24.95
(COSTA FUCH) Toggi Costa Gilet in Fuchsia £34.95
(COSTA SKY) Toggi Costa Gilet in Sky Blue £34.95
(MAYA FUCH) Toggi Maya Polo Shirt in Fuchsia £29.95
(MAYA NY) Toggi Maya Polo Shirt in Peacock £29.95
(MAYA WH) Toggi Maya Polo Shirt in White £29.95
(NANTES BL) Toggi Nantes Gilet in Ice Blue £44.95
(NAPOLI BUFF) Toggi Napoli Lacket in Buff £49.95
(NAPOLI ROSE) Toggi Napoli Jacket in Rosebud £49.95
(RANGER PI) Toggi Ranger Bush Hat in Blush Pink £34.95
(RIVIERA PI) Toggi Riviera Vest Top in Blush Pink £17.95
(RIVIERA NY) Toggi Riviera Vest Top in Peacock Blue £17.95
(RIVIERA SKY) Toggi Riviera Vest Top In Sky Blue £17.95
(ROMNEY BUFF) Toggi Romney Tote Bag in Buff £24.95
(ARGYLE) Toggi Argyle Pattern Socks £15.95
(ARGYLE PLAIN) Toggi Argyle Plain Socks £15.95
(ARRAN) Toggi Arran Socks £15.95

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